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PicTrix - High-quality painting and wallpapering work

Cost-effective surface repairs in the areas of Pori, Harjavalta and the whole of Satakunta


Unique surface renovations in Satakunnta

A one-woman company that does high-quality surface renovations from painting to wallpapering, from foundation work to the finished surface in Satakunta for companies and individuals.



Nice to see you here, my name is Juttamari! 

 After high school, I graduated as an upholsterer and surface treatment. 

I have been an entrepreneur for 7 years by the summer. I have completed a professional degree in entrepreneurship and I am also one of Harjavalta's entrepreneurs. 

The versatility of surface treatment was already visible in the first job, which I got directly after graduation. I remember when the first job was tiling and after doing it well, I quickly got the responsibility of taking care of the renovations of the whole apartment myself. From over-smoothing to surface painting. I gained a lot of experience from apartment renovations over many years. 

I have already gained 15 years of work experience in the field. Strong professional skills have accumulated over the years and I also make challenging renovations. I have continued training in the form of courses such as microcement and rosin installation and various effect paints. 

My strengths are thoroughness, listening and the implementation of the work according to the agreed schedule. I promise that you can be satisfied with the end result of the work.

 PicTrix - a difficult name to pronounce, but easy to remember!

What do my home renovation services include?

- Interior paintings 

- Wall smoothing and wallpapering 

- Interior and effect paintings 

- Exterior paintings 

- Microcementation and rosin coating 

 - Renewal of silicone seams

I make high-quality surface repairs for private individuals and companies in the Satakunta region (e.g. Pori, Harjavalta, Eura, Nakkila, Kokemäki) and, if needed, also in the whole Southwest Finland area.

Why should surface repairs be done by a professional? 

- As a professional, I do surface repairs quickly and without compromising on quality. 

- You save your own time and avoid possible miscalculations in materials or foundation work. 

-As an expert, I can recommend suitable materials and methods depending on the object and listening to the customer's wishes. 

- You will receive an offer from me where the price remains the same and there are no unpleasant surprises. 

- I make the surface repairs in the agreed schedule. 

- I carry out well-planned surface repairs that fit your budget. 

- I do surface repairs on a turnkey basis and reliably.

Surface renovations of studio apartments, two-room apartments, three-room apartments and larger apartments

I carry out the surface repairs of the studio apartments quickly, conveniently and cost-effectively. In surface renovation projects for duplexes and triplexes, I usually renew all walls and also floor surfaces. I also typically do surface renovations of kitchens and bathrooms in two- and three-bedroom units. For larger homes; for example, for three-bedroom apartments or larger terraced apartments, I can renew rooms one at a time or renovate the entire apartment at the same time. Terraced apartments are common subject to renovations, possibly on two floors, and old pine stairs are often also painted.

Surface renovations of detached houses

In my detached house projects, I have often done an effective surface renovation package, which has given the entire detached house a new, modernized look; to the outer surfaces. Detached house surface renovation projects are often timed either to fulfill the need for new surfaces or because a new resident is moving to the property, or it is the time to sell the detached house.

In the surface renovation projects where the house is going to be for sale, the overall appearance of the whole house is improved. These project are usually done in order to get a better selling price for the house. For example, by renewing the old wooden surfaces with white, the apartment becomes brighter and more modern. Or by maintenance painting the old worn surfaces with clean white paint. I always take care of renovations according to the needs of the object, with high quality work and listening to the customer's wishes. An extensive surface repair package often results in an accelerated sales time.

Do you like my work? 

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I have collaborated with many designers and here are a few to mention: 

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